Here is a sampling of the projects CTC has spearheaded over the past 13+ years.

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Brand strategy development

From segmentation development rooted in deep target market analysis to brand positioning development including value proposition and messaging research, CTC has authored successful brand strategies across tech, financial services and consumer packaged goods.

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Brand identity development

CTC has worked across industries to help businesses develop cohesive, global brand identity guidelines including brand architecture and naming hierarchies, voice guidelines, and comprehensive visual brand systems that create a unified look, tone, and feel.

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Marketing campaign development

CTC has in depth experience developing marketing campaign and marketing communication strategies across both B2B and B2C businesses. CTC will ensure you launch a successful marketing campaign against your objectives from the development of a solid brief through launch.

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B2B and B2C Partner and sponsorship marketing

Looking to partner with other businesses from a marketing and messaging standpoint? CTC has in depth experience developing powerful partner and sponsor marketing campaigns across retail, sponsorships, and events across industries.

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Sales materials + event activation

CTC will work hand in hand with you to develop the appropriate sales materials that bring your brand to life in a meaningful and innovative way depending on the target customer and sales and/or marketing channel. 

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Multi-channel measurement

CTC will work with you to develop the appropriate key performance indicators (KPI) for your brand or campaign based on your business goals and marketing objectives across various media channels and timeframes.